We Cat And Nick
We Cat And Nick

We believe in a Harvard that listens — we're committed to bridging the gap between the Harvard we know now and the Harvard we know it CAN be.

That’s why we’re running for the UC.



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Here's What We Believe

We've got a plan — this is just a sample, go here to see more!

Progress Bar

Create a progress bar under all of our campaign policies to track meetings and actions and keep accountability on the UC website.

Affirmative Consent

Partner with the Title IX office and OSAPR to push for a policy of affirmative consent rather than unwelcome conduct.

First-Year Social Space

Partner with the FDO and FAS to create a first-year social space near the Yard geared towards enhancing first-year life.

Matchmaker Collaboration Grant

Institute a $150 grant for two randomly paired officially recognized student groups to throw a social event. Receipts will not be collected.

UC as a Resource Center

Restructure the UC website to be a centralized base that lists all mental health, sexual assault, spiritual, religious, ethical, and financial resources on campus and within Harvard.

Harvard Conversations

Create a weekly program for faculty members and 10-15 students to converse about a topic of choice over catered dinner in Senior Common Rooms of houses.

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