— FAQs —

You have questions. We have answers.

What is your stance on USGSOs?

We believe in a Harvard that is inclusive and fair for all students. The status quo must change. And we support the measures taken by the administration towards inclusivity. However, we do not believe the 2016 sanctions in their current form adequately address the systemic issues in Harvard’s social climate. Not only did the creation of these sanctions fail to proactively include student voices, but the sanctions themselves fail to recognize the differences among individual single-gender organizations and fail to provide alternative social spaces. We support sanctions, but not these sanctions.

We believe in focusing on tangible things the UC can do to improve the social atmosphere on Harvard’s campus. We’ll focus on providing new social spaces for students through repurposing unused spaces within the houses. We’ll build up campus life by fighting for the creation of a Multicultural Center. We’ll connect student groups across campus by instituting a Matchmaker Grant. While we will advocate for students in shaping campus-wide USGSO policy, we emphasize focusing on what we CAN and will do to improve social life on campus.

What is your stance on unionization and the right to unionize?

This campaign unequivocally supports the right of graduate students and workers to unionize. This campaign believes that Harvard’s administration should drop the appeal and re-hold the election. We believe in a fair, democratic process and believe that Harvard’s administration has failed on that account. Both Cat & Nick have and will always support unions on a personal and fundamental level and will continue to do so in any elected capacity.

What sets you apart?

We have experience. We know what it takes to get things done. We assert that people who truly wish to make a difference within a community strive to make those differences from the moment they enter the community, not by waiting to do so from a top-down approach. Over the past 2 years, we have both worked tirelessly to do things such as building a new grants system, holding campus-wide events, increasing the UC’s budget by $175,000.00 to support more student programming, and supporting marginalized communities across Harvard’s campus.

We have new and innovative ideas that we know how to accomplish. In fact, we are so confident that we CAN accomplish our 39 promises that we will place a progress bar on the UC website transparently tracking our progress if we are elected. We care about every community on Harvard’s campus and will advocate for everything from gender-neutral bathrooms to bringing back HBO Go access on campus.

We are experienced, we are innovative, we are caring, and we are listeners — that is what sets us apart.

How do you plan to implement gender neutral bathrooms across Harvard’s campus?

Our first priority is to create new gender neutral bathrooms, but we recognize that it is not always logistically feasible to so within the context of historical buildings. As such, we propose following the precedent set by Adams House to re-label a subset of male bathrooms as gender-neutral bathrooms within both academic and residential spaces on Harvard’s campus.