— What We've Done —

Experience Matters.

Meet Cat

“You can call me Catherine, Cat, CattyZ — whatever you’re vibing with”

This is Cat’s third year on the UC. Even though she’s getting older (haha), she still brings the energy and excitement that fueled her past two years of service and is even more ecstatic about what’s to come. She’s only getting started!

2015-2016. Ivy Yard Representative. Financial Committee member. First-Year Social Committee Member.
  • Worked with fellow members and administration to put laundry into Matthews #TBTtolugginglaundryintheRAIN
  • Started enhanced brain breaks in Annenberg (#berrygate), which have since been institutionalized!
  • Advocated for and planned events for physical, mental, and sexual health through putting on our Freshman Health Week
  • Planned entire class events with the First-Year Social Committee, including the Freshman Formal, Haunted Hall, the Freshman H-Y tailgate, Housing Day Eve Carnival, and many more.
  • Administered grants on a weekly basis to student organizations.
  • Co-MC’ed the Refreshment event, to reflect on our time at Harvard.
2016-2017. Chair of the Freshman Class Committee. Steering Committee for Belonging and Inclusion Member. Residential Life Subcommittee. Committee of Student Life Member. Education Committee Member. Cabot House Representative.
  • Led a committee of 12 amazing students to improve first-year experience by instituting better blinds in the first floor of first-year dorms, buying party equipment to rent out, organizing the Common Room Crawl and the annual, week-long “We Care Week.”
  • Worked with the Harvard Alumni Association, the Advising Programs Office, and fellow peers to put on the Sophomore Declaration Event.
  • Served as the only undergraduate on the Steering Committee for Belonging and Inclusion with the leaders of the African-American Subcommittee, First-Gen, High Financial Aid Subcommittee, BGLTQ Subcommittee, Residential Subcommittee, and College-wide Subcommittee to make recommendations to the Dean of the College.
  • Drafted multiple proposals to look at residential life at the College, making recommendations to the Dean of the College.
  • Served on the Committee of Student Life, revising the recognition process for student organizations

Meet Nick

“Pleasure to meet you! Anyone else missing the warm weather?”

— Treasurer of the Undergraduate Council —

Junior, Computer Science Concentrator, Mather House, 3rd Year of UC Service

  • Created a new grants system (article, op-ed) called nova which provides online tracking of all grant applications submitted to the UC and full financial transparency of the undergraduate council.

    Check it out here!

  • Increased the UC budget by
    as conveyed in his historically rigorous budget legislation (without using any corporate sponsorships that would jeopordize the independence of the council)

  • Supported Mental Health Awareness on Harvard's Campus through designing the full digital advertising campaign for the What Goes Unseen series.
  • Worked with members of the UC Financial Committee to implement mandatory sexual assault prevention trainings for the largest grant-receiving organizations on campus.
  • Served on the Committe on Student Life, in which general issues of student life within Harvard College are brought to the attention of administrators.
  • Planned and executed Freshman Health Week 2016, including designing and creating themed t-shirts for the entire Class of 2019.
  • Processed 2,274 UC grant applications, providing and logistically coordinating all funding for $427,000.00+ worth of grants. If you have received a UC grant, Nicholas has read the application and processed the funds (taking up to ~20 hours/week).
  • Intorduced and passed legislation to create an app for ordering food from the House Grilles (which will go live next semester!)
  • Coordinated the logistics of funding for every UC event and project over the past year.
  • Increased funding to every HoCo by $1,000.00 each.